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Ticketcoin was created to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to everyday life by offering a smart platform to sell, exchange and manage digital tickets and to promote events.

The ticketing and couponing market has grown enormously becoming very complex, with the risk of the spread of counterfeit securities and a growing need for the creation of new digital services connected to the ticket / coupon.

Ticketcoin exploits the peculiarities of Blockchain Technology to create a secure, interoperable ticketing / couponing solution that guarantees the best user experience for end customers and the highest level of project customization for the event organizer.

Key factors

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The intuitive design of UI makes the application easy to use and accessible to all people.
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Thanks to the blockchain technology the ticket purchasing and reselling are done in a totally secure environment.
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Pay-per-use system lets the small museums or small events manager sell and promote their digital ticket without high initial costs.

Main features

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Dedicated App
TicketCoin app make the blockchain transport letting user to buy and send ticket without any required IT background.
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Secondary market
Ticket coin offers the possibility to buy and sell ticket to secondary market with security standard of the blockchain.
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Accessible design
Web site and apps are both designed respecting the accessibility standards in order to guarantee to all people a engaging user experience
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User can buy ticket using FIAT currency (with credit card, PayPal) or use the most common cryptocurrencies.
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NFC card
TicketCoin dedicated NCF card will give the user the possibility to buy ticket from app and use them with card.
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High performance
Blockchain-based system joined with clod-base engine guarantee high performance and high availability.
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TicketCoin – Luci sul Trasimeno 2021-2022

Ticketcoin solution has been chosen by the organizers of the Luci sul Trasimeno event in Castiglione del Lago to guarantee, thanks to Oracle blockchain technology, maximum security and real-time monitoring of the number of people within the route, in full compliance with the anti covid-19 regulations


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We chose BT Oracle for its capabilities and functionalities.
A winning and innovative choice, in terms of scalability, reliability and data security
Testimonial by Emanuele Giannini
Emanuele Giannini
CEO TicketCoin S.p.A.

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